Required Training

By May 1, 2017, Georgia Tech employees and volunteers with direct contact with non-student minors must take the free online training from the State of Georgia Office of the Child Advocate: "Mandated Reporters: Critical Links in Protecting Children in Georgia." After completing the online training, the employee/volunteer must "Print Certificate" and email it to their youth program contact. The training will not be considered complete until the youth program contact receives the employee/volunteer training certificate. All youth programs are required to keep training documentation for the records retention period.

State of Georgia Office of the Child Advocate
Recommended Training

Georgia Tech recommends further training for Georgia Tech employees who work one-on-one with non-student minors. Darkness to Light offers an intensive child abuse prevention online training: "Stewards of Children." The "Stewards of Children" training class is also available in-person through Georgia Tech Workplace Learning & Professional Development.

Darkness to Light / Georgia Center for Child Advocacy
Other Trainings

Private and public organizations, such as Stop It Now!, United Educators, and Atlanta Public Schools, provide resources for additional training to help spot and prevent child abuse. Below are some of their resources, which may be useful in further training those who work with non-student minors.

Stop It Now! Prevention Handouts
United Educators
Atlanta Public Schools