Parents and Guardians

Whether your child or teen is participating in youth programs held on the Georgia Tech campus or attending an off-site activity sponsored by Georgia Tech, we are committed to providing your child with the best experience possible.

Promoting the health, wellness, safety, and security of youth interacting with Georgia Tech begins with the shared commitment of program staff, volunteers, and administrators to Georgia Tech’s high standards for the well-being of your child. Parents and guardians are important partners in this effort, and should:

  • Review youth program materials and select programs that are appropriate for your child or teen.
  • Completely and accurately fill out all registration forms.
  • Discuss appropriate behaviors with your child or teen before the program begins.
  • Inform program staff of any concerns or special needs of your child or teen.
  • Report any concerns promptly to the program staff.

All youth programs at Georgia Tech must register annually. Each individual involved in youth programming agrees to follow the established Code of Conduct for Youth Programs. In addition, Georgia Tech youth program staff and volunteers who have direct interaction with children undergo a background screening and complete training focused on mandatory reporting requirements, and Georgia Tech policies and expectations.