Background Checks & Pre-Screening

Background Checks

Criminal background checks for Georgia Tech employees and volunteers with direct contact with non-student minors must have been run and cleared by the Georgia Tech Office of Human Resources within the past 12 months before initial direct contact with non-student minors and every 4 years afterward. The youth program will be charged the vendor fee for the criminal background check. Background check costs and timeframe vary by state. Please allow up to 4 weeks for criminal background check processing.

The Office of Human Resources background screening website can be found here: 

Program organizers can access the Background Investigation Request Form here.


Youth program staff in charge of screening employees and volunteers should be aware of the limitations of background checks and should seek to utilize other screening methods, when possible, to include application questions, in-person interviews, and personal and professional reference checks. Missing application information and any personal or professional reference issues must be resolved by the youth program before an individual is allowed to have direct contact with non-student minors within the program.

Several national organizations provide best practice resources for staff screening. Some examples are included below:

Verified Volunteers
American Camps Association