Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Youth Program?

A program or activity for non-student minors organized and run by Georgia Tech individuals or units outside of regular academic programs. Regular academic programs are programs for Georgia Tech students. Some examples of youth programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Day and overnight camps
  • Tutoring/mentoring in local schools
  • Internships for minors in labs/research facilities

Campus tours and athletics and admissions recruiting programs are not considered youth programs.

What does "Direct Contact" mean for volunteers/staff?

Adult employees or volunteers who are reasonably anticipated to have direct interaction with minors through a youth program. Generally, speakers, presenters, exhibitors, registration/logistics volunteers, exam proctors, scorekeepers, clock operators, competition judges, campus tour guides, and admission interviewers/admission events do not have care, custody or control of minors and therefore are not considered to have direct contact with minors.

I'm interested in hosting a third-party youth program at Georgia Tech, what do I need to do?

Third-party youth programs that use Georgia Tech facilities must sign a Facilities Use Agreement / License Agreement contractually agreeing to comply with Georgia Tech policy requirements for background checks and training of program employees and volunteers, and must demonstrate that they have minimum insurance requirements. An example of the Facilities Use Agreement can be found here.

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