All Georgia Tech youth programs (on- or off-campus) for non-student minors, including third-party youth programs utilizing Georgia Tech facilities, must register annually (beginning September 1st each year) at least 30 days in advance. A non-registered youth program is subject to cancellation without advance notice. Youth programs must receive written approval from Youth Programs Compliance before starting the program. Note: A program submission confirmation email is not program approval. Operation of a non-approved, or non-compliant youth program may result in disciplinary action.

Programs organized by third-parties will be required to complete a facilities use agreement with Georgia Tech, and submit a Certificate of Insurance indicating limits meet requirements outlined in the facilities use agreement. You can see an example of the sections that pertain to youth programs here. Georgia Tech recommends you share these Certificate of Insurance Requirements directly with your insurer or broker to expedite the review process.


A youth program is a program or activity designed for non-Georgia Tech student minors organized and run by Georgia Tech, or organized and run by third-party entities utilizing Georgia Tech facilities.  Some examples of youth programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Day and overnight camps
  • Tutoring/mentoring in local schools
  • Internships or shadowing experiences for a minor in labs/research facilities

Campus tours, athletics and admissions recruiting programs, private or personal events including weddings and birthday parties, and events open to the public where minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents or guardians are not considered youth programs.


The youth program registration form should be completed by the program organizer or their designee, who has enough knowledge and information to effectively answer all elements of the registration form. If the youth program is being organized by a third-party a representative of that entity must complete the form, it can not be completed and submitted by a Georgia Tech facility manager or contact.


While the Policy requires registration 30 days in advance, Youth Programs Compliance recommends program organizers submit the Youth Programs Registration Form at least 60 days in advance of the program to allow for sufficient time for review. This timeline will allow program organizers to trouble-shoot any outstanding compliance matters in advance of the program start date.


  • Review the Youth Programs Policy to determine if you are able to comply with all requirements before you submit your registration.
  • Request space and confirm that the space reservation is held for your program pending Youth Programs Registration Form Approval. The Youth Programs Registration Form is not a space request form.
  • Prepare your program schedule to include all projected activities and program times. You will be required to submit a program schedule on the registration form that must account for all program activities and include all times for the duration of the program. The schedule must also disclose and note if any participants will engage in any of the following activities: 3D printing, animal dissections, chemical experiments, soldering (or utilizing other heating elements), utilization of a laser.  
  • Third-party programs must upload a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in compliance with Facilities Use Agreement requirements to the registration form. You can see an example of a Facilities Use Agreement. You can find insurance requirements on page 2, and Programs Serving Minors requirements on page 7 in Exhibit B.


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