Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my youth program? 

This infographic helps program organizers determine whether their program falls under the scope of the Georgia Tech Youth Programs Policy. If it does, then registration is required. Programs may complete the registration form here

Are any interactions with minors exempt from the Youth Programs policy?

Exempt activities include:

  • Non-residential field trips to Georgia Tech which are supervised by a minor’s school or organization and do not involve overnight lodging are not covered by the policy. The external school or organization should be the initiating entity in the visit.
  • Events or performances on campus that are open to the general public and which minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents or guardians.
  • Private or personal events that occur on campus to include weddings, birthday parties, etc.
  • Minors hired as employees. HR policies and child labor laws would govern those interactions.

What is a Youth Program?

A program or activity for non-student minors organized and run by Georgia Tech individuals or units outside of regular academic programs. Regular academic programs are programs for Georgia Tech students. Some examples of youth programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Day and overnight camps
  • Tutoring/mentoring in local schools
  • Internships for minors in labs/research facilities

Campus tours and athletics and admissions recruiting programs are not considered youth programs.

What does "Direct Contact" mean for volunteers/staff?

Direct Contact can be evaluated in a few ways:

  • Who has care, custody, or control of the minor(s)? If someone, or several people have care, custody, or control of minors they have direct contact.
  • Could someone have frequent or sustained interaction with minors? If someone is reasonably anticipated to have sustained or frequent interaction with the minor(s) over a period of time, they could have direct contact and steps should be taken to insure the protection of minors in those interactions.
  • What is the intent of the interaction? If the intent is to build a trusting or mentoring relationship with a minor precautions should be taken to insure their safety.

I'm interested in hosting a third-party youth program at Georgia Tech, what do I need to do?

Third-party youth programs that use Georgia Tech facilities must sign a Facilities Use Agreement / License Agreement contractually agreeing to comply with Georgia Tech policy requirements for background checks and training of program employees and volunteers, and must demonstrate that they have minimum insurance requirements. An example of the Facilities Use Agreement can be found here.

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