In-Person Youth Programs Code of Conduct

All Georgia Tech employees and volunteers who participate in in-person youth programs must follow the Youth Programs Staff & Volunteer Code of Conduct below, in addition to any program-specific procedures for working with minors that are in place for that particular youth program.

As an authorized staff or volunteer working in programs for minors, I hereby agree as follows:

  • Generally, one-on-one contact is prohibited. If one-on-one interaction is required, it will take place in open, well illuminated spaces or rooms with windows observable by other authorized adult or program staff, unless the one-on-one interaction is expressly authorized by the program administrator or is being undertaken by a health care provider.
  • I will maintain appropriate physical boundaries at all times.
  • I will immediately report any reasonable suspicion or knowledge of abuse of a minor to the Georgia Tech Police Department and the appropriate supervisor or program director who can take immediate action.
  • I will not touch or speak to a minor in a sexual or other inappropriate manner.
  • I will not meet with minors outside of established program locations or outside of established times. Any exceptions require written parental authorization and must include more than one authorized adult or program staff.
  • I will not invite minors to my home or other private location or accept their invitations for the same. Any exceptions require authorization by the program administrator and written authorization by a parent/guardian.
  • I will not make sexual comments, tell sexual jokes, or allow minors to access sexually explicit materials.
  • I will not engage in private communications with minors to include communications via text messaging, e-mail, phone, internet chat, on-line games, or other forms of social media unless there is an educational or programmatic purpose and the content of the communication is consistent with the mission of the program. Should communication be necessary, I will include a third person.
  • I will not engage or allow minors to engage me in romantic or sexual conversations.
  • I will not accept or give gifts to minors without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.
  • I will not inflict any physical or emotional abuse on minors to include, but not limited to, striking, humiliating, ridiculing, or degrading minors.
  • I will not use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while working with minors.
  • I will not provide or knowingly allow minors to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
  • I will not use profanity, vulgarity, or harassing language in the presence of minors at any time.
  • I will not provide transportation to minors unless doing so is an acknowledged component of the program. When transporting minors, more than one volunteer or program staff must be present in the vehicle, except when multiple children/teens will be in the vehicle at all times through the transportation.

Print & Sign the Youth Programs Staff & Volunteer Code of Conduct: Click Here.

Virtual Youth Programs Code of Conduct

All Georgia Tech employees and volunteers who participate in virtual youth programs, please use this Virtual Code of Conduct.