Georgia Tech is enhancing the existing efforts on youth programming by sharing best practices and centralized resources to ensure a positive experience for all.

American Camps Association Guidance
Supervision Ratios

*At a minimum, there must always be at least 2 adults present when working with minors.

  • 5 years and younger: 1 staff for each 5 overnight campers and 1 staff for each 6 day campers
  • 6-8 years 1:6 for overnight, and 1:8 for day
  • 9-14 years 1:8 for overnight and 1:10 for day
  • 15-18 years 1:10 for overnight and 1:12 for day
Emergency Planning
  • Make sure to have at least 2 mobile emergency contact numbers for each youth participant in your group.
  • Have appropriate access to participants' medical information/emergency contact information. 
  • If your youth program is providing food, prepare to accommodate food allergies.
  • Know the name and full address of the building you are staying in, if applicable.
  • Review the evacuation plan and the meeting area with all the staff and youth participants in your program.
  • Be sure to have staff added to the Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS) while on campus. 
  • Program the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) number in your phone: 404-894-2500; and have youth participants do the same, if they have a phone.
  • REMEMBER: Calling 911 from a campus phone will contact GTPD; calling 911 from a mobile phone will contact Atlanta 911 dispatch.

Emergency Planning Contact

Office of Emergency Preparedness